Why Monte-Carlo Should Be On Your List Of Places To Visit

The parties were bigger. The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper.

Monte-Carlo, the small European version of Las Vegas. The rich and famous playground. Posh casinos, expensive hotels and Ferrari’s racing on the streets. No wonder why it has been chosen as one of the locations for James Bond movies. It’s one the smallest independent states in the world, yet overflowing with wealth and glamour. They say champagne is the national drink. Chin-chin!

Ways to Save Money in Monaco
People tend to avoid visiting Monaco simply on the basis that it’s just too expensive for their travel budget. So, here are some ways how you can save money in Monaco whilst still enjoy this beautiful principality.
• Walk it out – remember, it’s one of the smallest countries in the world. You don’t need to rely on public transport or a car to visit the main tourist spots. Also, it’s a great exercise too.
• Stay in Nice – there is a greater choice of accommodation in Nice. The hotels are cheaper than the ones you’ll find in Monaco.
• Do all sightseeing and free things that Monaco has to offer (read below)

Bus From Nice to Monaco
There are many ways to get from Nice to Monaco including car, bus and train. The easiest and cheapest way is to get a bus 100 towards Monaco/Menton. There are different bus stops in Nice where you can catch that bus. The closest bus to my hostel was from Place de I’lle de Beaute. Make sure to sit on the right hand side of the bus, as the views are best from that side. The journey takes about 40mins and costs only €1.50! You can get the ticket directly from the bus driver.
Things To Do in Monaco
1. Watch Monaco Grand Prix
Got need for speed? The Formula One motor race held on the Circuit de Monaco will deliver one of the most thrilling experiences, and you don’t even have to be on the driver’s seat! This phenomenal event attracts crowds of Hollywood celebrities each year, including Leonardo di Caprio himself.

2. Monte-Carlo Harbour
The Harbour is home to some of the most expensive and luxurious yachts. Billionaires from all over the world park here. Some boats are as big as mansions.
3. Gamble at the Casino
You can’t win, if you don’t play! Put on your poker face and head to the Monte-Carlo casino. Roll the dice and don’t think twice. Give a shot at the spinning roulette or blackjack. Put your best suit on, and pretend to be Bond… James Bond. Maybe this will bring you some luck with the cards. Or alternatively, with the ladies! The entrance is €12 if you wish to try your luck. Otherwise you can admire some of the most luxurious cars parked just outside of the casino, including Aston Martins, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. This is one of the popular location filmed in the James Bond movie GoldenEye. I’m not bluffing!
4. Sunbathe at Lavrotto Beach
The only difference and a big advantage that differentiates Monte-Carlo from Las Vegas is the beach. Sadly, it’s not a golden sand beach, but rather a pebbles one. Still, you can enjoy Monaco’s warm, sunny weather on this beautiful beach. Sunbathe on the coast or take a dip in the clear blue water. There are nearby restaurants serving local seafood. You can also rent a jet ski or kayak if you get bored of lying on the beach.

5. Visit Prince’s Palace of Monaco
This impressive looking palace is where the Royal Family lives. There is a changing of the guards at 11:55 daily. You can explore its insides for a small fee too.

6. Wander the Streets of Monte-Carlo
Get lost in the beauty of the discreet colourful streets of Monte-Carlo. The glamour can be found on every corner of this small principality.

7. Visit Saint Nicholas Cathedral
This is a resting place of some of the Royal family members, including Prince Rainier. This is a highly respected cathedral and if you’re not quiet enough you will be shushed by one of the guards inside.
8. The Palace of Justice
Right next to the Cathedral is one of the most stunning architectures you will see in Monaco. Unfortunately, not open for public to go inside.

9. Explore the Saint-Martin Gardens
Escape the busy city life to this quiet oasis. On the edge of the coastline with the most serene views to offer. The gardens full of roses as well as some exotic plants. It’s home to beautiful sculptures and ponds.

What’s your favourite thing about Monaco?

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