10 Reasons Polish Weddings Are The Best!

Wedding is a BIG day. Not every day you decide to spent the rest of your life with one person. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to plan the perfect day. Celebrated across the world, weddings differ from country to country. From old traditions to new additions. Polish weddings are certainly one of the most fun events to attend. Filled with traditional Polish food, vodka, games and a lot more! Here’s top ten reasons what makes Polish weddings so special.

Polish Wedding

why polish weddings are the best…

The majority of the population in Poland is Catholic. Therefore, many still follow the religious customs. Traditional Polish wedding takes place early afternoon on Saturday. Controversial to the common belief that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding; in Poland once they’re both dressed up, both of their parents would meet them at the house to give them their blessings. Then it’s off to church for the exchange of vows.

Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

Photo credit: Magdalena Szczoczarz Photography

1. The Gate

When neighbours or friends know the couple is on their way to get married, they purposely block the road for them. Although less popular nowadays, people in small towns and villages still tend to set it up. So-called gate (‘brama’ in Polish) is made of people or some kind of barricades. These tend to be quite creative and funny. They won’t let the couple pass the gate until they receive a bottle of vodka. Sometimes, in addition there’s a challenge for the couple to complete. It’s one of the first test for the soon-to-be husband and wife to get through on their new journey together. As soon as the couple successfully pass the gate, it’s time for the ceremony at the church.

2. Money Shower

During the ceremony, there will be a mass and exchange of the vows. At the end, as soon as the new husband and wife exits the church, friends and family shower them with rice and/or cents. The couple has to collect the money from the ground. This is meant to bring happy and prosperous life to the newlyweds.

Now that the ceremony is over, it’s time for the party! All the guests are invited to continue celebrations in a restaurant. Transport is always provided for those who need one. Guests can say their best wishes to the couple in front of the church or at the restaurant. A card filled with money inside is usually given. Some may also choose to additionally give flowers or a bottle of wine.

3. Bread And Salt Blessing… And A Shot Of Vodka!

One of the oldest polish wedding tradition is bread and salt blessing. Once everyone arrives and before the couple enters the party venue, their parents present slightly salted bread. Bread, so that the couple may never experience hunger in their household, while salt reminds them of life’s difficulties and the importance of getting through them. The newlyweds will take a small bite, followed by a shot of vodka. Once downed, the couple need to throw the shot glasses behind their backs. If they break, it’s a sign of good luck.

Polish Weddings - bread and salt blessing

4. Traditional Polish Wedding Food

Poles are very hospitable and they take pride in their traditional food. At the start of the reception, there will be a toast for the couple and the first meal of the day. First dish is always a traditional Polish chicken soupto warm up your gut for all the alcohol you will consume later on. Second dish usually includes meat, potatoes and selection of salads. Thirdly, there will be a dessert which might be an ice cream with fruits. After the first meal, the couple will have their first dance and later invite all the guests to join them on the dance floor.

Polish Weddings - Polish Chicken Soup

Polish Weddings - Traditional Polish Food

Over the course of the party, guests will be served another three warm dishes. Don’t worry about getting hungry in-between meals. At Polish weddings, the tables are full of cakes, fruits and soft drinks. Additionally, there are buffet tables on the side with a range of different Polish delicacies.

Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Food

5. Bottomless Vodka

It’s a well-known fact that Polish people enjoy drinking vodka. At Polish weddings, each table has at least one bottle to share between guests. During the party, there are many more toasts to the newlyweds, where all the guests have to take a shots of vodka. There’s always a designated person, who replaces all the empty bottles with the new ones. This is why you can never run out of vodka at Polish weddings! If you’re not a fan of vodka, there is also an open bar which serves other alcoholic drinks. Na zdrowie!

Polish weddings - polish vodka

6. Live Band And Disco Polo Music

At Polish weddings there’s a live band who sings Polish folk music so-called ‘disco polo’. Disco polo music although very cheesy, it’s very easy to dance and sign to… if you know the lyrics! But that’s not the only role of the band at Polish weddings. They also entertain the guests with a number of different games and contests as the evening goes on.

Polish Weddings - Disco polo

7. Next Bride And Groom

At midnight there is ‘oczepiny’. The popular Polish wedding tradition, where the bride sits in the middle of the dance floor while a circle of bachelorettes will go around her. The husband covers her eyes so she can’t spy. She has to throw her veil/ bouquet back and the next lady that catches it, will be the next bride. If the bachelorette caught a veil, she has to put it on.

Polish Weddings - Oczepiny

Then, it’s bachelors turn! Places swap and now the blind folded husband has to throw his bow tie. The lucky guy that catches it will be the next groom. He has to put the bow tie. Once the new future bride and groom have been announced, they will have their first dance together.

Polish Wedding - Polish Wedding Traditions

8. Games And Contests

There are different games and contents throughout the evening. The most popular Polish wedding games are:

  • Chusteczka (’tissue’) – a large circle of guests is formed with few people inside it. The circle goes around. Each person inside has a tissue. Their task is to swap with someone of opposite sex from the circle. To do this they must place the tissue on the ground in front of that person. They both must kneel and kiss on the cheek. The chosen person goes inside the circle and it’s their task to find someone else to take their place now.
  • Krzeselka (‘chairs’) – a number of chairs is set up in a circle. The number of participants in this game has to be one more than a number of chairs. The participants will walk around the chairs as the music plays. As soon as the music stops, they all need to sit down on available chair. To make it more interesting, there’s always a challenge before they can sit down. For instance, they can only sit down if they have someone else’s left men shoe. The last person who doesn’t manage to secure a sit, is out. The next round is one chair less. The game continues until there are only two people left and one chair. The winner of the game gets a prize – usually a bottle of vodka to take home!
Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

Photo credit: Magdalena Szczoczarz Photography

Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

Photo credit: Magdalena Szczoczarz Photography

9. Party Till The Sunrise… Or Even Longer!

There is a lot of dancing, eating, drinking and playing involved all day and all night long. Typically, Polish weddings doesn’t finish until the last guest leaves. This can be as late as the next morning. But it doesn’t stop there! Some Polish weddings also have so-called “poprawiny”. This is an after party on a Sunday afternoon. Although this one isn’t as wild as the night before, there’s still plenty of food, vodka and dancing involved. You better have strong pain killers to combat the hangover if you want to attend the next day!

Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

10. Cakes

One can never have too many cakes! Regardless if you have or haven’t had a chance to taste some of the cakes at the wedding, when it’s time for you to leave the party, the couple will give a box with cakes. This is to thank their guests for coming and being a part of their special day.

Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

Polish people like to party and will make sure to have a good time on their special day. They will also drink you under the table!

Polish weddings

Have you been invitied to a Polish wedding? What’s your favourite Polish wedding tradition?

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Polish Weddings - Polish Wedding Traditions

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Polish Weddings Are The Best!

  1. Jackie S. says:

    This looks so much fun! The traditional games at the Polish weddings would be awesome to see. The box of cakes and cookies is also a nice touch.

  2. Sandy says:

    This was really enjoyable to read. I’m Australian born with a Polish family and marrying an English guy in our favourite part of the world – Bali. So we’re trying to combine different cultures together in one wedding and this post gave me some ideas on Polish traditions to include. Thanks for sharing – and yes if you’ve been to a traditional Polish wedding before you know they can be pretty crazy! 😛

  3. Gillian says:

    Oh my word! Can someone please invite me to a Polish wedding? Because they sure know how to plan a wedding. Love this. I love seeing how different cultures celebrate marriage.

  4. Michelle says:

    I always love to read about traditions in other cultures. This looks so awesome! The traditions make the wedding that much more entertaining. The pictures are so lovely and the wedding looks like it was a lot of fun! This was a great post!

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