Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

As someone who wants to visit every country in Europe, whilst I was staying in Zurich, Switzerland I thought it would be a good idea to visit Liechtenstein. Most people don’t even know where Liechtenstein is! It comes as no surprise really since it’s one of the smallest countries in Europe, squeezed between Switzerland and Austria. But is Liechtenstein worth visiting? I mean, what is there to do in such a small principality?

Liechtenstein - Is it worth visiting

How To Get There?

As it’s so small (only 25km long), I assumed that half a day in the capital Vaduz will be enough. I wasn’t wrong there! Unfortunately, there is no direct connection to get there from Zurich, so I had to take a train to Sargans first and then change for a bus (8 francs one way) to Vaduz. For the train, I pre-booked tickets online on SBB website. There is an option for a supersaver ticket with 50% discount if you choose off-peak times. I paid €33 return for 8am outbound and 4pm return. The train ride was an amazing experience itself! The Alps from every side will wow you! No tiredness could put me to sleep – the views were just too good to be missed! So, if you’re still thinking ‘is Liechtenstein worth visiting?‘, just see the pictures below and if that won’t convince you, then I don’t know what will 😉

Also, if you’re lucky you might get a train with entertainment. Mine was a bunch of guys dressed in Bavarian outfits singing German songs and downing pints of beers… this was 8am train.

Alp mountains - How to get to Liechtenstein

Gonzen mountain - How to get to Liechtenstein

Things To Do In Vaduz 

Climb the Castle

The castle on the hill (just like that Ed Sheeran’s song!) is the main tourist attraction in Lichtenstein. You can’t go inside the castle, as it’s home to the Royal Family. Instead, you can get a pretty awesome view of almost all of the principality. Apparently, residents get a free beer in the castle’s garden on the national holiday. Definitely, something we could adopt in London, right Elizabeth?

Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein view from top

Read a Book

Liechtenstein Library has installed a box filled with books. Mostly in German, but you can also find some English ones. You can take one and return it when you’ve finished reading. Or you can exchange it for the one you’ve already read. Pretty cool idea encouraging people to read more and share things with others.

Liechtenstein Book Exchange Library

Take a Ride On The City Train

It’s one of those cute small trains that take you around the city. Mainly aimed at tourists. If you’re tired of walking around or don’t have a lot of time, just hop on the train and in as little as half an hour, you’ll discover the best of Vaduz.

Vaduz Train

Visit a Museum

As small as it may be, there are several interesting museums to visit. The most popular ones are Liechtenstein National Museum, Postage Stamp Museum and Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. If you rather not spend money on museum entrance fees, there are some quirky statues around the city you might find interesting instead.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Admire Vaduz Cathedral

This huge neo-gothic church is hard to be missed when you’re visiting Liechtenstein. It has charming symmetrical stairways and many interesting details in a facade. You can also take a peek inside the cathedral.

Vaduz Cathedral

Check Out Liechtenstein Center

The main point for tourists. You can get all information about the country and its attractions here. Also, it’s a great place to shop for a souvenir or get your passport stamp.

Liechtenstein Center

summary: is Liechtenstein worth visiting? 

Vaduz seemed a little like a ghost town. You couldn’t really find any local people on the streets except those working in the shops and restaurants (which aren’t that many). The majority of people there were tourists. As small as it may be, the prices were ‘large’. For instance, one postcard costs 3.50 francs (approx. £2.70). Therefore, if you plan to go to Vaduz for a day trip, be prepared to pack some lunch with you. Even though I went at the end of April and it was a nice sunny day, there was still some snow. Is it worth a visit? I’d say yes. But a few hour trip is enough.

Is Liechtenstein Worth visiting

What’s your opinion – is Liechtenstein worth visiting? Would you go there?

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Is Liechtenstein worth visiting


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