Discover Ohrid – Hidden Gem Of The Balkans

From old monasteries and churches to cobbled streets and idyllic lake. Ohrid is one of a kind! The city is known for once having 365 churches. One church for each day of the year. There are still many churches left with a mix of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture. Full of discreet charm, Ohrid makes it hard not to fall in love with. If you’re visiting Macedonia, or even the Balkans, you should put it on the list of must see places! This hidden gem has been listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage for its cultural and natural beauty. It has been under-the-radar, making it a perfect holiday location if you look to escape the crowds.

Ohrid Macedonia

How To Get To Ohrid?

​There are regular buses from Skopje to Ohrid. The bus timetable can be found here. The bus journey takes about 3 hours and the fare costs 7 euros. As Skopje is located in the valley surrounded by the hills, expect to have a picturesque ride with camera at ready. Now, even more conveniently you can also take a direct flight with WizzAir from the UK to Ohrid. No more excuses not to visit it, anymore!


how to get to ohrid

What To Do In Ohrid?

The small city with plenty to offer! It’s an ideal place to relax and unwind. A perfect city break, from the chaos and fast pace life in the big city. Here are the top things to do in Ohrid;

Ohrid Macedonia

​Go Shopping at The Old Bazaar

​From small cafes and restaurants to boutique shops. This is the heart of the city. You can even buy Ohrid pearls, if you’re looking for a unique souvenir.

Discover Old Town

​Get lost in the narrow cobbled streets of the old town. You’ll find quiet between the old-fashioned houses of Ottoman architecture. There are some significant historical landmarks there, too. One of the most popular one is the Upper Gate, which has been well preserved.

Ohrid old town

Ohrid Old Town

Visit the Ancient Theatre

Get amazed by this majestic looking ancient theatre. Built back in 200 BC and only discovered by archaeologists in 1980s. The theatre, originally used for gladiator fights during Roman times and executions of Christians, which led to a local dislike. Eventually abounded and buried. Only uncovered few decades ago. Only the lower section still exists. Now used for the performances like ballet during the summer.

Ohrid theatre

Climb The Fortress

Samuel’s Fortress is Ohrid’s dominant landmark on the top of the hill. You can visit the fortress and walk alongside its wall. Overlooking on the old town and the lake; it’s a great spot with spectacular views.

Samuel’s Fortress Ohrid

See The Church of St John at Kaneo

The Ohrid’s iconic church standing on the edge on the hill that overlooks on the magnificent Ohrid Lake. Probably the most popular and scenic place. It’s taken right off the fairy tale. It’s got to be my favourite place there! It’s the best spot to watch sunset, as it offers picturesque views.

The Church of St John at Kaneo Ohrid Macedonia

The Church of St John at Kaneo Ohrid Macedonia

The Church of St John at Kaneo Ohrid Macedonia

Take a Dip in The Lake

The famous Macedonian lake. Arguably, the oldest lake in Europe. During summer, Ohrid is a perfect location to swim in the lake or sunbathe on the beach. The blue and transparent waters offers tranquil views. You can also take a boat across the lake to visit the Monastery of St Naum.

Ohrid Lake

Dine By The Waterfront

The waterfront is a perfect location for a brunch or a late night cocktail. There are many restaurants and cafes with a view on the lake. Dinner with a sunset on the menu. Duck Caffe is one of my favourite places where they also play live music.

Ohrid lake

Ohrid is a truly serene and beautiful place. Old buildings and ancient ruins will make you travel back in time. Experience the simplicity and tranquility of the place. You won’t be disappointed!

Where’s your favourite hidden gem?

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Things to do in Ohrid

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