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Planning a family trip in Scotland for an Easter weekend break turned out to be more challenging than usual. All the hotels were either too expensive, sold out or didn’t have onsite parking. Trying to find a quality airbnb was just as hopeless. Determined to find a good deal, I’ve finally came across Chapel Cross Guesthouse, located just outside of Edinburgh. In the small village where a popular movie was filmed! The hotel was everything I was looking for!

where to stay outside of Edinburgh

where to stay outside of edinburgh?

Accommodation in central Edinburgh can be quite expensive. Especially during the peak season. A good alternative is to stay outside of Edinburgh.


Chapel Cross Guesthouse is located in Roslin – a small village just outside of Edinburgh. By car it’s about 20 minutes drive to the city centre. Moreover, there are local buses running from Roslin to Edinburgh. Therefore, it’s not as far as it may seem! Chapel Cross Guesthouse is very easy to find, as it’s just off the main road.

Roslin is a quiet town with not much going on. However, there is a small, yet pretty Rosslyn Chapel, which you can visit. This is also where the ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was filmed!

Rosslyn Chapel


Having paid £102 per night for two rooms (three guests) seems like a reasonable price. The price does not include breakfast. However, you can add breakfast for extra fee, although it’s not served at the hotel, but in a restaurant just across it.


There is a small (fits about five cars) free parking onsite. You can’t reserve in advance, so it’s on the first serve basis. Nevertheless, because of the remote location of the hotel, it’s not so overcrowded. Therefore, if you’re driving you shouldn’t have problems with parking. This was one of the main reasons why we’ve decided to stay outside of Edinburgh. Since the hotels with parking in central Edinburgh were much more expensive, and some of them charged extra for onsite parking.


The staff were true Scots – you could tell by their accents 🙂 . They were very friendly and accommodating. Also happy to answer any questions we had, and help around.


The rooms come fully furnished, including double bed, sofas, TV , desk and wardrobe. There were modern and clean. The central heating was on, which was so nice! As even though it was end of March, there was still a cold and rainy weather. So, it was nice coming to a nice and warm room after all day of sightseeing.

On the other hand, my only dislike was the lack of sheer curtains. Despite drapes, anyone from the street could see  the inside of the room.

Chapel Cross Guesthouse

Chapel Cross Guesthouse

Chapel Cross Guesthouse


The bathroom included all the essential toiletries and towels. There was hot water and the shower was working fine. No bathtub to soak after long day of sightseeing though.

Chapel Cross Guesthouse


We felt very safe staying in this hotel, as well as leaving all our belongings in a room. The rooms were lockable with a key. In fact, we were given a set of three keys (talk about security measures here!). One for the room, and two other for front doors, which were locked everyday at 5pm.


Free wifi is included. It’s a family friendly hotel. It even has a room where kids can play. Also there’s a cosy tearoom and an outside table with chairs for those sunny days.

contact & information

We didn’t have a need to contact the hotel beforehand. Having booked through, all the information is easily available.


Here’s a list of my likes and dislikes during our stay at Cross Chapel Guesthouse.


  • free onsite parking
  • clean and quiet
  • relatively cheap
  • family friendly


  • no bathtub
  • no sheer curtains

In conclusion, we’ve had a very positive experience stay. I strongly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a reasonable cheap stay outside of Edinburgh.

You can book your stay at Chapel Cross Guesthouse by clicking here. To further aid your trip planning, check out my article on 15 awesome things to do in Edinburgh.

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where to stay outside of Edinburgh

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