Why Monte-Carlo Should Be On Your List Of Places To Visit

The parties were bigger. The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper.

Monte-Carlo, the small European version of Las Vegas. The rich and famous playground. Posh casinos, expensive hotels and Ferrari’s racing on the streets. No wonder why it has been chosen as one of the locations for James Bond movies. It’s one the smallest independent states in the world, yet overflowing with wealth and glamour. They say champagne is the national drink. Chin-chin!

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Travel Itinerary For One Day In Skopje, Macedonia

Ah, the city of many statutes! Of all shapes and sizes. Each one trying to tell a different story. I’ve never seen so many in one place before! Traumatised by years of war and later a catastrophic earthquake, as much as 80% of the city has been destroyed. While it might be still poor and developing, it’s certainly trying to reinvent and show its real potential. Nonetheless, it still lacks the attention from the tourists… which is exactly why you should get there, before everyone else does!

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Discover Ohrid – Hidden Gem Of The Balkans

From old monasteries and churches to cobbled streets and idyllic lake. Ohrid is one of a kind! The city is known for once having 365 churches. One church for each day of the year. There are still many churches left with a mix of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture. Full of discreet charm, Ohrid makes it hard not to fall in love with. If you’re visiting Macedonia, or even the Balkans, you should put Ohrid on the list of must see places! This hidden gem has been listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage for its cultural and natural beauty. It has been under-the-radar, making it a perfect holiday location if you look to escape the crowds.

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How To Enter Serbia From Kosovo

In the early 20th century, Kosovo was integrated into Serbia. Following years of conflict and war, Kosovo finally declared its independence and become a separate country in February 2008. However, Serbia did not recognise Kosovo’s independence. In fact, to this day, Serbia considers it to be part of their country. For these reasons, the authorities don’t recognise border crossing points from Kosovo to be approved ‘international’ crossing points. This causes a lot of difficulties for travellers when entering Serbia from Kosovo. If you’re thinking of visiting both countries, it’s best to plan your journey in advance.


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Exclusive Kosovo Travel Guide

Is Kosovo even a country?! Well, sure thing it is! A brand new one, in fact. “The field of blackbirds” as its Slavic name suggests. After years of civil war, known as Serbian ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Albanians; Kosovo finally broke free. Declaring its independence in 2008, a new country was born. It is one of the youngest countries in the world. Although, Serbia among few other nations still does not recognise Kosovo as a state. Many travellers have never heard of Kosovo or simply keep it off their list of places to visit. Largely undermined, this Europe’s newest country should be your next destination in the Balkan region. This Kosovo travel guide will help you decide where to stay, what to eat and things to do.

Kosovo Travel Guide

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Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

As someone who wants to visit every country in Europe, whilst I was staying in Zurich, Switzerland I thought it would be a good idea to visit Liechtenstein. Most people don’t even know where Liechtenstein is! It comes as no surprise really since it’s one of the smallest countries in Europe, squeezed between Switzerland and Austria. But is Liechtenstein really worth visiting? I mean, what is there to do in such a small principality?

Liechtenstein - Is it worth visiting

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Switzerland On A Budget – How To Save Money In Zurich

After living in London for the past few years, I thought I’ve already experienced the expensive costs of living. However, Zurich outdid London with its double prices. Best known as the global hub for banking and finance, Zurich is the most expensive city in Europe, or fourth most expensive in the world. Needless to say, it’s the price you pay for the best quality living, as it has been crowned one of the best cities to live in 2017. Sadly, many travellers avoid visiting it, as they are put off by the high costs. The main question is ‘How do you travel in Switzerland on a budget?‘. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it may seem! With these travel tips, I will show you how to save money in Zurich!

Switzerland on a budget - how to save money in Zurich

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Things To Do In Zurich That Won’t Leave You Broke

Zurich as the most expensive city in Europe, is also one of the most picturesque European cities you’ll get a chance to visit! You shouldn’t skip it, just because it’s not a low budget destination. Despite its expensive price tag, there are many things to do in Zurich that you can enjoy without spending a fortune. From swimming in Zurichsee to window shopping at Bahnhofstrasse, here’s a list of what to do on your trip.

Things to do in Zurich

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